Born in 1956, Hendrik Kerstens has spent the last twenty years exploring the relationship between photography and painting. Through his photographic body of work, he has analyzed and recreated an evolution of painting- take Dutch painting as a particular reference.

In 2009, fashion designer Alexander McQueen based his collection on one of Kerstens’ photographs. The same year, Kersten took part in an exhibition “Dutch Seen” at the Museum of the City of New York. His work has been exhibited next to Sander, Arbus and Avedon.



The majority of Kerstens work has been portraying his daughter, Paula, ever since she was a little girl. She converted into his only subject and both have recreated not only old painting techniques, but also situations of their daily life and the world we live in today. He has confessed that his photographs strongly speak of the love he has for his child.

As the photographs address issues of time and identity, they strike up a humorous dialog between past and present in images where we find Paula with a napkin or a bubble wrap on top of her head.



All these masterful large-scale prints will be exhibited in New York´s Dazinger Gallery until February 14th.




Luján Agusti – Buenos Aires, Argentina